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Tisha Campbell Martin Confirms Duane Martin Helped LisaRaye’s Ex-Husband Cheat



Just in case you thought LisaRaye was capping when she claimed Duane Martin ruined her marriage to former Turks and Caicos Prime Minister Michael Missick, Tisha Campbell Martin is coming through with the co-sign.

In a video showing her support  during what appears to be a viewing party at LisaRaye’s home, Tisha says “I’m so proud of her for being so HONEST,” with an emphasis on the ”honest’ part.

LisaRaye also chimes in as the two love on each other to let fans know this isn’t a bash session but about support. “This is a not a come together and clown no one,” said LisaRaye. “This is about support and living in my truth.”

As previously reported LisaRaye dropped a bombshell during her interview for the TV One series Uncensored when she revealed that Martin was bringing thots around her husband during their marriage.

According to LisaRaye Martin was so eager to please the former Prime Minister that he was willing to ruin his friendship with LisaRaye and betray her in the process.

Tisha too has claimed that Martin was unfaithful during their 20+ years of marriage. The  My Wife & Kids actress filed for divorce in 2018 and is seeking spousal and child support for their two sons.

Martin has not responded to claims made by LisaRaye, but he probably don’t want that smoke.

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