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5 Things To Know About Kanye’s New Favorite Group Infinity’s Song



Kanye West went to Batesville, Indiana over the weekend — never heard of it? Neither had we. But, apparently he had good reason to show up in the middle of nowhere, completely out of the blue. Why, you ask? It’s all because of a family band he said is “the future of music.”

The band is Infinity’s Song; a group of siblings who say “Infinity’s Song was created in response to a demand for more acoustic sounds in wholesome and uplifting young adult music.”

The Kanye connection comes by way of the family patriarch, John Boyd, who Mr. West has leaned on for spiritual support for quite some time. And Yeezy stopped by to see the fam perform this weekend at a free show in a tiny venue called Walhill Farm. IS was raising money for their toured and scored $3,500 in a freewill offering.

We’re sure people were willing to donate because the group has killer vocals, just take a listen…

But here are 5 more things you should know about the Boyd siblings.

1) The Group Has Gone Through Phases

In the beginning the group was comprised of Victory, Abraham and Angel Boyd, performing simple songs with just acoustic guitar and their voices. Israel and Thalia Mosaia later joined the group and significantly added to the bands rich intricate harmonies.

2) Infinity’s Song Has A Jay Z Connection … And We’re Not Talking Kanye

The group is signed to Jigga’s management company RocNation, while also under their own imprint Peace Industry Music Group, which was founded by John, an accomplished singer, composer, and music director in his own right.

3) The Boyd Family was Featured on The Today Show

The family sounds so sweet that they were finalist in The Today Show’s Sound of Music Family contest in 2013.

4) They Sang On Subway Platforms

The family hails from Detroit, Michigan — home of Motown — but John moved his family to North Bergen, NJ, in 2007, to provide them with the opportunities available in and around New York City. After a couple years of singing on subway platforms and on the steps of the Met Museum, they discovered the incredible acoustics of the Minton Tile Arcade near Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Soon they became regulars at the spot, where they have been heard as “Boyd’s for Praise” by thousands of people from all over the world.

5) There’s More Of Them!

Father John Boyd actually has 9 kids in total, with only 5 representing the group Infinity’s Song. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t all recorded together. Click here to see the collection of albums the family has put out.

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