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Cancelled? Here’s What We Should Really Do With Kodak Black…



How about ignore him? The entire weekend turned into a #CancelKodak extravaganza after the rapper made disrespectful comments about Lauren London. But, while there was tons of energy spent how to take Kodak down, that same effort could have been channeled into keeping Nipsey Hussle legacy going strong.

Our HipHollywood head honcho, Kevin Frazier, said it best — “Man there is so much work to do, schools, economic empowerment, jobs, ending gang violence, I just wish people could attack those issues with the same energy that they have for Kodak Black.”

And you know what, he’s right. Just think of all the good that could be done if people focused less on cancelling the ignorant folks and more on pouring into their neighborhoods and communities. That’s what Hussle would have wanted and that’s what we should be doing.

In case you missed all the drama from over the weekend, we’ll give you a quick recap. It all started when Kodak Black went on IG live and made statements about Lauren London being a widow now and giving her about a year to grieve before shooting his shot. He also kept referring to Nipsey Hussle as “dude” which further pissed people off.

Then came messages from T.I., The Game and Tank trying to check the young MC.

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And, after initially doubling-down on his statement, Black finally (kind of) apologized to London … while still shading his detractors.

Obviously, this was more than enough of a reason to #CancelKodak, but if we’re this upset because he disrespected Lauren and the memory of neighborhood Nip, shouldn’t we give him less attention, not more?

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