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Does Sage The Gemini Want That Old Thing Back? Regrets Demise Of Jordin Sparks Relationship



It was just a couple of years ago when Sage the Gemini and Jordin Sparks ended their whirlwind romance. And while Sparks, who is now married and has a child, has clearly moved on, Sage still reminisces about the good times they shared.


They were the it couple! It was 2015 and Jordin had just gotten out of a messy relationship with fellow singer Jason Derulo. Then came Sage. Things were great in the beginning but turned sour a year later when the rapper was caught cheating. Sparks ended the relationship, Sage called it a publicity stunt, then fought to get her back, but to no avail.


Sage says he’s a grown man who can admit he did Jordin dirty. Recently, The Shade Room posted a cute video of the American Idol winner with her husband and newborn son. In the comment section someone noted that Sage was probably somewhere sulking in his feelings. To that, the “Gas Pedal” rapper replied that he was actually happy for his ex and done “punching the air.”

StG furthered that statement when we caught up with him at the American Music Awards on Tuesday. When asked why he felt the need to check the comment creeper he stated, “If I don’t show you that I’ve grown as a man, you’re not going to know.” The hip-hop star continued, “When you get someone as beautiful as Jordin Sparks, and coming from where I was coming from and the lifestyle that I’ve lived, it’s like … you don’t have no trust for nothing.” Luckily, he realizes that their demise was all on him. “I admit it wasn’t the best relationship she’s ever been in — but it wasn’t the worst — I just wasn’t the best person at that time because I was gong through my stuff and sadly she had to go through it too.”

It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong. Kudos to Sage!

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