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Ya’ll already know Lakeith Stanfield likes to do some real bizarre stuff. He did show up to the BET Awards rocking a black wig after all. So, it should come as no surprise that he’s not afraid to do full-frontal nudity in a film.

According to director Boots Riley, there was a scene (that didn’t make the film) that required full-frontal nudity and Stanfield had no qualms about it.

“When we met I said this is a deal breaker, we need to feel how vulnerable you are at this one particular point,” he explained. “He cut me off and was like, I’ve been waiting for a film with full-frontal nudity.”

“I agreed to do it, the rumors are true,” laughed Stanfield when asked about his conversation with Riley. “That’s because this film requires that you give it your all because it goes to crazy places. So I went in full speed ahead and was like, ‘If front is what they want, front is what they shall get.'”

But he wasn’t the only one. Believe it or not, Tessa Thompson, who plays his girlfriend Detroit in the film, was also willing to bare it all.

“We agreed if one of us did frontal we’d both do it,” explained Thompson. “The cool thing about Boots is that he was like I’m not going to have one of you do it and not the other.”

In the end neither would have to, as the scene was cut from the script, but Thompson still shows off a very vulnerable side playing the eclectic artist.

“Thematically [Boots] wanted to talk about some very important issues but it’s also fun and a wild ride,” she said. “That heartfelt observations about corporate greed, about race and class could be made alongside some just really funny jokes.”

Sorry To Bother You, which also stars Danny Glover, Armie Hammer, Omari Hardwick and Terry Crews, is in theaters July 6.

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