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Brielle Biermann is making some serious claims via Twitter regarding her mom, Kim Zolciak Biermann’s, mistreatment during The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show taping.

Kim and company filmed the reunion on Thursday night and according to Brielle, her mom was treated horribly by the other women. In fact, she grew ill over the idea the reality stars could be so malicious.

“I can’t even express the anger I’m feeling right now. It’s absolutely disgusting how mean grown women can be,” she wrote in a series of tweets. “I wish nothing more than for the cast of RHOA to find happiness and peace. They need it more than anyone. I’m sick to my stomach.”

Brielle, who has not only appeared on the show, but also has defended her mother in the past, continued, “I will never understand the mentality of women aged 40+ attacking another woman for hours on end. I wish they would channel that negativity and anger for someone who is positive, loving, caring, beautiful! Etc. into something positive. Maybe then they’d be happy.”


Following the 21-year-old’s Twitter tirade, NeNe Leakes chimed in and well, went all the way OFF.

“Epic reunion! Kim slowly transformed into boo boo the fool. She was so slanderous and scandalous this season wit a reckless mouth! Now crying wolf! Girl bye wit yo rotten peach,” she said.

Leakes then had to remind folks aka Brielle, that everyone at some point has been “ganged up on.”

Also according to NeNe, who made an epic return to the show this season, suggested that “once again, Kim & the one that ‘throws the rock and hide her hand’ will be in full effect talking all reckless once again! This fool thinks she’s soooo privileged and can get away with anything! NOT.”

Kim has not addressed Brielle nor NeNe’s comments, but she did shout out her friend and co-star, Sheree Whitfield, for being a “REAL” friend.

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