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Another prison bae has surfaced. Folks, it’s officially the battle of the prison hotties.

It all started with Jeremy Meeks; who in case you’ve been living under a rock, has gone on to not only pick up a huge modeling deal after this hot mugshot hit the web, but is now dating Topshot heiress, Chloe Green.

Then there was Mekhi Alante Lucky, the felon from North Carolina whose sexy mugshot led to him being signed by modeling agency St. Claire Modeling.

Then earlier this month, folks went crazy over super sexy mom from Fresno, Mirella Ponce, who was charged with with possession of a firearm in a vehicle.

And now, in the latest mugshot gone viral, social media users are raving about Virginia jailbird, Kiara S. Barlow. Barlow was arrested this week after allegedly trying to burn her ex-boyfriend and set his clothes on fire. She was also accused of threatening to burn the man while trying to ignite a lighter in the spray of an aerosol can.

While most men might not dare go near Barlow, others are unbothered by her apparent aggressive manner because whelp, she’s hot. “Damn her mugshot fire,” someone wrote.


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