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Chante Moore is 50 and feeling fabulous. HipHollywood caught up with the singer during Essence Fest where she opened up about her workout regimen and if she’s feeling any pressure to compete with younger women in the industry.

“No it’s encouragement, I don’t feel pressure about [ working out] because I don’t do it enough,” she laughed. “My dad works out more than me, he just moved in with me and he’s 84 … But I know I’m not 16 and I’m not 61. I know who I am as an artist and as a woman and I’m comfortable in this space.”

But while her body looks amazing, folks are wondering if she’s had work done on that face. Unfortunately, the ‘Chante’s Got A Man” singer didn’t reveal if she’s had plastic surgery, but she did open up about her love life and if she’d ever get married again.

“I love the institution of marriage. I love being with just one person,” she said. “I think that’s where I shine better when I can be all the things I need to be for him.”

In the meantime she letting folks know what type of man she’s looking for on her new single “Real One”.

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