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Oh, my … how quickly rumors get started.

Folks started questioning rapper Nas’ sexuality over the weekend after his baby mama insinuated he might not be into women. Here’s what happened.

Last week, Nicki Minaj set the Internet ablaze after sharing a photo on Instagram snuggled up with the New York rapper. So naturally, dating rumors started to spread like wildfire.

So in efforts to get some answers, one Instagram user took it upon herself to ask Nas’ ex-girlfriend and baby mama,¬†Carmen Bryan, how she felt about the apparent new romance. “Relieved! I didn’t think my baby father still dated women,” Carmen wrote.

Ummmmmmm, say what now?

Carmen’s response instantly sparked rumors that quite possibly Nas likes men. But the chatter was shut down pretty quickly after Bryan realized she misspoke. She later clarified, “I’m used to Nas dating 19 yr olds, I’m actually glad to see him dating a woman!”

So there you have it … Nas likes women.

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