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If you want to have a nice day, it’s probably best to avoid the comment section of Minka Kelly’s IG. That particular dark place is in shambles right now after folks began dragging her over claims she’s creeping with married actor, Jesse Williams.

According to recent reports, Williams and Kelly are together, but only came together after things with the actor’s estranged wife were beyond repair. Williams and Aryn-Drake-Lee had been separated for sometime before the relationship with Kelly began. That didn’t seem to matter to these folks however who posted these crazy comments:

  • “So did u question yourself like this when you chose to f*ck a married man? Was Jessie with you when you posted this? How did you go for f*cking Sean penn, a disgusting racist to a black activist? Did y’all use racial slurs in the bedroom? Why do you always sleep with married men? When are you going to learn that prostituting yourself for roles has not worked in your favor? Did you think about his wife when you were laying up with her man? Does your p*ssy still have walls or nah? I heard Derek jetter gave you herpes, did you pass the gift onto Jessie as well?”
  • Side chicks are winning this year. Lol.”
  • “This the Becky, pig skin b*tch.”
  • “Mama always said ‘Careful how you get him, you might loose him how you got him!’ Moral: karma got your address honey.”
  • “Home destroying bitch god is going to make you pay for that.”
    “Disgusting evil hoe.”
  • “I heard a quote. Idk if it’s true but ima just drop it here. ‘Only thing a white woman has done for the black man is get him lynched.'”

Sheesh. Minka has closed comments on recent posts and we can’t say we blame her.

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