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Lifetime’s Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland, the new movie about the final two years of Michael Jackson’s life, is full of surprising revelations that will have you laughing out loud and also shaking your head. The movie, which is based on a book written by the two bodyguards who not only guarded Michael but also befriended him, really showcases a side of the King of Pop that many people never knew about. Here are our top 5 revelations and reasons to watch the movie when it hits the air Memorial Day Weekend.

Michael Jackson carried hot sauce with him everywhere. 

As we know, black folks love some damn hot sauce and, according to the movie, Michael put hot sauce on everything. So his security team had to make sure they always had a bottle with them in case Michael wanted to get down. From popcorn to wings, Michael had to have his hot sauce.

In one of our favorite scenes, Jackson rents out a movie theatre and he is sitting with his children, putting hot sauce on everybody’s popcorn before the show starts. He is literally like, “Prince, get some of this hot sauce.” And to take it one step further, he even carried a bottle of butter spray with him whenever he went to a theatre.

Randy Jackson will not be happy with his portrayal.

There isn’t a lot of context given but at one point, Randy Jackson crashes through the gates at Michael’s house and demands payment from his brother. Randy tells the security team that if he isn’t paid he will go to the press and divulge secrets about Michael. It’s a bizarre scene and really makes you wonder what the hell was going on between the siblings and why Randy thought he was “owed” something by Michael.

Michael desperately wanted a normal life.

Fame made Michael Jackson a prisoner in his own home, and he desperately wanted a normal life, especially for his kids. Jackson longed to be able to shop in the mall, walk down the street or just take his kids to the playground. His quest for normalcy is a theme throughout the movie.

Michael carried a briefcase with him everywhere that had the family’s passports and $200K in cash.

In case of an emergency, Michael wanted to make sure that he could always make a quick and safe getaway, so he kept $200,000 dollars in cash in a briefcase with him at all times. The case also contained the family’s passports to travel internationally.

This movie has a crazy producer cred.

Suzzane DePasse, a Motown Exec. and the woman who discovered the Jacksons, is one of the movie’s producers and has insights about Michael’s life like few others. Her goal was to paint a realistic picture of MJ and what he went through in the final years.

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