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Beanie Sigel made headlines this week after video surfaced of the rapper being sucker punched by what is said to be a homie of Meek Mill’s. Now, Sigel is speaking out about what really went down backstage at the Bad Boy Family Reunion concert in Philly.

During Wednesday’s Tax Season podcast, Sigel said, “Wasn’t nothing straight up, he stood up in front of me. Let’s keep it 100. The people who got the full tape show it. It’s me and three n****s that’s probably no bigger than 5’2″. You got a 6’4″ 300 something pound n***a whose front lining for this dude — young boy, in his prime.”

Meek and Beanie started beefing after joining forces for a recent Game diss track. The pair teamed up for Meek’s track “OOOUUU,” but rumors later started that Beanie wrote the track for Meek. Apparently, Beanie told someone from Game’s camp that he ghost wrote the track.

“On every record you talk about how you’re going to war with a ghost,” Beanie said. “All these people hate you. All these people wanna rob you. The whole city hate you. Who in Philadelphia hate you? You bringing that on yourself. You talking that into fruition.”

The 42-year-old Philly native added,  “Now it’s to the point where your f&ckery is becoming transparent. Now you at a place where ni&&as is saying, ‘Man, you misrepresenting Philadelphia’ … You want the respect that I got, but you can’t; you gotta earn it. You argue with people in your comments to the point where you worry about what the peanut gallery got to say and not worry about what the thoroughbreds think about you. F*ck the peanut gallery.”


The Philly rapper went on to comment on Meek’s ongoing rap beef with Canadian rapper Drake.

“It’s not taking away from your money or none of that. So what’s the real reason why you’re mad? What’s the real reason why you was made at Drake? And my point of view … you was laying in the bed one night. You rolled over, and you looked at her, cuz, and you asked her: ‘You f***ed that n***a?’ and she ain’t answer you in the way you wanted her to.”

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