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Is Orange is the New Black star LaVerne Cox bleaching her skin? It’s a question a lot of her followers are asking after she posted this “no makeup, #nofilter image on Instagram over the weekend.

The image, which shows Cox with what one could argue is pale skin, created a flood of comments on IG.

“Dark skin is nothing to be ashamed of. Its sad that our people have to bleach their skin in order to be beautiful. Melanin matters….other than that more power to Laverne,” one person commented.

“You have that grayish tone black people get from bleaching,” another user pointed out.

“May not have on makeup but the face for damn sure ain’t natural, bleaching or whatever!!” a follower remarked.

“Went from a black male to a white female ..and y’all still don’t think it’s mental health?” a different IG user claimed.

“Your bleaching o gosh I’m sick of this world with these weak souls,” someone commented.

Cox has yet to address the rumor directly, but what do you all think? Is this her natural skin tone or is something amiss?

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