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In a bizarre, WTH kinda story, EJ Johnson has revealed that his sister’s current boyfriend tried to hook up with him first. Le sigh…

According to the Daily Mail, EJ spilled the beans on his new reality show “EJNYC”. Apparently, Elisa’s French model beau tried to kiss EJ and led him on in an attempt to get into a swanky VIP party. “I was told not to say anything about him kissing me, but he did, it happened,” Johnson stated.”The man that led me on is now hooking up with my sister, and I’m supposed to be OK with it. I will never like him,’ said EJ, telling Elisa that she should not have continued a relationship with Anthony after ‘everything that happened’.

On the flip side, Elisa believes she’s come too far to end things now. “My brother wants me to cut things off with Anthony, but I can’t do that because I have developed serious feelings for him,” she said.

Take a look at the end extended trailer for “EJNYC” below. You can sense the tension between EJ and Elisa.

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