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We all know Mariah loves to throw shade, and she just threw a whole bucket full at Wendy Williams AND her good pal Lee Daniels. After Daniels sat down with Bevy Smith on her Sirius XM Radio show, Bevelatons and said Carey was too fragile for reality TV, host Wendy gave her two cents about Carey’s upcoming docu-series, and agreed with Daniels, but was a little more catty with her commentary.

Referencing Mariah’s break from the business back in 2001 after a reported meltdown, Williams said, “Once you have a rest there’s always a chance you may have to rest again if you know what I’m saying, and I think you do.”

“It’s my opinion that reality TV is not for Mariah because she’s bigger than that, that’s number 1,” she added. “I don’t think she should be doing this cheap tawdry show for E!, I will give it a shot though, it’s a good watch because it’s good for my business, but not good for hers.”

Well apparently Mimi got wind of the insults, and enlisted Daniels to help her show  Williams just how fragile she really is.

“He’s the Bi*%h that’s fragile! Don’t come for us unless we call for you @wendywilliams,” MC captioned a video that shows Daniels, on loop, repeating the words: I’m the Bi*%h that’s fragile Ok,” proceeded by Mariah kicking him in the butt.

Clearly Daniels, who is a good pal of Carey’s, was not speaking maliciously about her when he sat down with Smith.  “She is very fragile, and she has been through a lot,” he said. “She has been used, she has been abused. She is misunderstood because she is really, really ride or die. She really will do anything for you.”

Daniels also told Bevy he did tape with Mariah for the show, but was not aware what was filming when she showed up with a camera crew to a dinner meeting they had in NYC a few months back.

“I was at the gym when I saw it and was like, ‘Oh Lord, what is she doing?’,” he added. “I think it’s bigger than her. I think it’s not a good idea. I think the true geniuses have to be saved from themselves sometimes.”

Daniels definitely had to eat those words in not one but three video posted on Mariah’s Instagram. Check them out below.

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