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“Rush Hour” the movie made Chris Tucker a household name. Unfortunately, the 2016 TV Show was cancelled shortly after airing and will not have the same success as the film franchise. So, what happened?

After just seven episodes, CBS gave “Rush Hour” the old heave-ho. The small screen adaptation scored decent numbers (averaging over four million viewers per episode) and was heading into a mid-June season finale. Now, it’s kaput.

While at the Billboard Music Awards, Tucker told HipHollywood how he felt about the cancellation of the TV version of his hit film. “I’m just honored that they thought the movie could be a TV show. Cause, you know, it takes on a life of it’s own,” Chris responded.

“Rush Hour” starred Justin Hires as Detective James Steven Carter (Chris Tucker’s character) and Jon Foo as Detective Jonathan Lee (Jackie Chan’s character) … do you think the show would have faired better involving the original film’s cast? Or was it just the wrong time for this project to drop? Let us know your thoughts.

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