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Dren Calisas, an aspiring singer from the city of Instagram, claims that DeVante Swing of Jodeci has left the group. Dren, who apparently recorded a song with DeVante called “Plastic,” also says his friend has dropped the “Swing” from his monicker and will now be known only as DeVante.

“This post is an official public statement on behalf of me (Dren Calisas), DeVante (Formally DeVante Swing of Jodeci) and anyone on DeVante’s behalf including staff, recording labels and affiliates. I posted the graphic a few days ago of me and DeVante’s new single “Plastic” stating “DeVante Swing of Jodeci” which was a typo. DeVante is no longer affiliated with Jodeci or anyone affiliated with Jodeci.

He also no longer is associated with the name “DeVante Swing”. Any future releases will be released under the name “DeVante” only. I personally apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Below is the corrected cover art for the release of the single “Plastic” which is to be released in February 2016. DeVante will be releasing new music in addition to our new single in 2016. Thank you to all of our fans AND Jodeci fans for supporting the new movement. The new regime starts…NOW. This is a new era for hip hop and R&B. #NewRegime – Dren Calisas, on behalf of American Image Records and staff.”

If this news does turn out to be true, how DeVante’s departure will impact fans who’ve already paid money to see the group perform next month is not known. Jodeci is scheduled to play shows in Brooklyn, San Antonio and Denver in February.

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