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Snoop Dogg is livid over rumors he’s been banned from returning to old Long Beach neighborhood by gang members. Snoop posted a lengthy video online explaining the genesis of the gossip, saying it was started by an old associate who is upset that he no longer gets handouts from the rapper.

“All you n*ggas talking that shit about Snoop can’t come to the hood, he can’t do this … I can do whatever I like whenever I like,” Snoop protests. “You n*ggas is 50-years-old. You cant’ get a job, cuzz? You mad at me cause I won’t help you no more? Cause I can’t do nothing to help you no more because I’m focused on helping out the kids and putting football programs and positive things in the hood?”

Snoop goes on to say that his hood pass is still good in the LBC, and always will be. “You cannot disrespect a king. I’m the king of Long Beach, n*gga. I made it fashionable for n*ggas to bang the dub. I made it universial, muthaf*cka. I’m the one who took the set around the whole globe.”

The rapper says he plans on talking to the person responsible for blemishing his name face to face when he sees him. Check out the entire clip below.

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