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If you tuned in for Married to Medicine on Sunday night, you captured one of the biggest fight’s in the world of reality television.

On the hit Bravo program, co-stars Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud got into a physical altercation after the two revealed some personal information about each other after previously conducing background checks on each other.

According to Quad, she found that Lisa was charged with battery after allegedly attacking her husband, Darren Naugles. Quad also claims that Darren cheated on Lisa and fathered a child. And although it wasn’t really clearly discussed, Lisa continued to throw out that Quad engaged in a lesbian relationship at some point.

According to producer, Matt Anderson, the women had lunch to discuss their issues, but it took a turn for the worse.“Lisa Nicole and Quad meet up for a lunch date that goes so wrong I do something I never like to do when reality is happening … I have to step in,” Anderson explained. “I never like to break the flow of a scene, and I find when these women get into living their lives in front of the cameras after a few days, they forget we are there.”

A video posted by @marriedtomedicine on

A video posted by @marriedtomedicine on

HipHollywood caught up with Quad last month to talk about she and Lisa’s beef and the reality star claims that the background check and fight was Cloud’s way of staying relevant on the show. “She did a background investigation on me because we are going to do business together? It’s reaching, it’s really sad. And I’m quite disappointed in the way she took on this complete lie.”

She continued, “We were friends at the time. She is saying, I’ve read in some of the interviews that she’s done that she was going to go into business with me. I’m like really. That’s just interesting because my business partner is a billionaire and the checks always clear. You’re struggling to pay Uncle Sam. I probably wouldn’t ask you to invest with me.”

“It’s a classic example of a person who is trying to hold on for dear life and afraid that they are going to be clipped, chopped and put to the side and on to the next,” Lunceford said. “You see that a lot when people don’t have very much to offer. As we al know, it’s been noted that she was quite boring and I think this year she wants to say ‘hey, no, I’m going to make my mark here.'”

She added, “Here’s a person that has abandoned all of her beliefs … now she’s as dirty as the mud comes.”

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