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Wiz Khalifa: I Just Want To Smoke Weed And Watch ‘Californication’



It looks like all the light shining on Wiz Khalifa’s personal life has become too much for the rapper. After being romantically linked to reality TV star
Deelishis over the weekend, Wiz took to Twitter to let people know he’s taking a sabbatical from the gossip columns.

“I’m pretty tired of the radar so I’m going under it for a while, or off the grid rather. I think under the radar is when people CAN see you. I’ll still be tweeting, making videos and music but I will in no way be operating as the Wiz Khalifa most people know.”

The Pittsburgh rapper added, “I just want to smoke, chill, work on my car and shoe collection, make dope music that only me and inner circle understand, and keep raising my awesome boy. I’ve gained enough material things that my path is leading me to something bigger, even if it’s just smoking and watching Californication. We’ll all be ultimately happy.”

For the record, Deelishis denied any romantic involvement with Wiz, claiming that the two are just friends. Earlier this year, the rapper’s estranged wife, Amber Rose, filed for divorce and publicly accused him of cheating on her.

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