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Solange Hit With Tax Lien Just Days After Wedding



Uncle Sam is raining on Solange’s honeymoon with a tax lien. According to TMZ, the State of California claims that Solange owes more than $55,000 in taxes from 2010-12.

Solange broke out in hives on the night of her November wedding, but being hit with this tax lien just three days after exchanging vows might be worse. Still, considering she makes close what’s owed per performance, we don’t expect her to struggle too much with paying the bill.

Solange took to Twitter on Sunday, just hours after the tax lien news was first reported, writing:

“Well thanks for letting me know , lol. Shiiiiiiiiiit. (Pronounced *She-it).”

In other Knowles related news, Solange’s sister Beyonce made $115 million in 2014.

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