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Iggy Azaela’s Twitter Rant Following Q-Tip, T.I. Debate



Iggy Azalea went on a Twitter rant on Monday evening following Q-Tip and T.I.’s social media debate over Iggy and the hip hop culture.

“Most people learn every and anything they can about the subjects they are passionate about, I’m no different,” she wrote. “I find it patronizing to assume i have no knowledge of something I’m influenced by, but I’ve also grown up with strangers assuming that. So its completely fine and I’m used to it by now. i don’t lose any sleep over it.”

The rapper, who was just nominated for four Grammys continued, “Im also not going to sit on twitter & play hip hop squares with strangers to somehow prove i deserve to be a fan of or influenced by hiphop. I would have to be an idiot or incredibly bored to think that would change anyones already cemented opinion of me. I’m neither. How you feel about me blending musical genres together doesn’t bother me, no one is making you support or buy pop rap albums. Its entirely up to you what you support and are interested in, thanks if you are interested in me and enjoy my music. i love to hear that!”

After being accused of being a culture stealing wanna-be by Azealia Banks, Q-Tip shared his thoughts on Twitter over the weekend and seemingly defended Banks.

“You have to take into account the HISTORY as you move underneath the banner of hiphop. As I said before, hiphop is fun it’s vile it’s dance it’s traditional it’s light hearted but 1 thing it can never detach itself from is being a SOCIO-Political movement.”

In response, Iggy’s mentor, T.I. defended the “Fancy” rapper via Twitter and suggested that one thing Tip left out was that ” OUR people (blacks in America,& HIPHOP) have had much less qualified White People.”

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