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Fox News Calls Jay Z A “Crack Dealer”



“Racism still alive, they just be concealing it…” ~ Kanye West

Wow! Fox News just took a pretty cheap shot a Jay Z calling him a “former crack dealer” in the headline of their story.

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While reporting on Mr. Carter’s visit with the Governor of New York, Fox News decided to go with the unnecessary wording in their title in order to grab attention while shading Jay.

The visit comes on the heels of the non-indictment of the officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner. Carter and Cuomo meet to discuss how cops enforce the laws in New york and although the governor’s spokeswoman called the meeting “productive”, Fox decided to focus on throwing subliminal shots at Jay Z with the following quotes.

“The rapper built his musical career on songs about his past criminal exploits slinging crack in Brooklyn’s Marcy housing project.”

“One online report lists 187 references to crack or cocaine on his 12 solo albums, including last year’s chart-topping Magna Carta Holy Grail.”

“In addition to his rap boasts about drug dealing, his criminal justice experience includes being charged with stabbing people and bashing them on their heads with bottles at his favorite city nightclubs.”

It’s no secret that Jay spent time selling drugs, but when you know better you do better and he’s certainly shown that. What Fox fails to mention is that Jay Z doesn’t glorify drug dealing, in fact he can be quoted saying, “Hov did that so hopefully you won’t have to go through that.” But, of course the unenlightened folks at Fox News probably don’t care to know that. We’re all just looking for balanced journalism, if you’re going to refer to someone’s past (in an attempt to discredit them), you have to show the progression in their present … i.e. Jay Z’s philanthropic work.

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