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Confirmed: Christopher Williams And Natalie Macklin Are Indeed Married!



After several conflicting reports, HipHollywood has learned that Christopher Williams and Natalie Macklin are indeed married. The Las Vegas recorders office tells HipHollywood that the couple wed on July 7, 1995 in Sin City.

On a recent episode on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore adamantly stated that Williams and Natalie were not legally married and that he referred to their relationship as “common law”. After the episode, Moore even took to Twitter to share a YouTube video of the r&b singer revealing that he is NOT married. “Don’t come for me! Christopher Williams himself confirms he is not married,” she wrote on the social media website.

During an interview that took place in June 2013, Chris was asked if he was married and the singer bluntly told the reporter that he was not. The “I’m Dreamin'” singer followed up his marriage denial with, “I have no comment on relationships.”

The back and forth reports have become a heavy topic on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and we are sure things will start to unfold in forthcoming episodes.

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