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Exclusive: Despite Alleged Abuse, Michel’le Still Wants To Work With Dr. Dre



Michel’le shocked the world this week when she suggested on the R&B Divas LA reunion that Dr. Dre beat her and broke her nose while they were dating.

Despite those claims, the former Death Row singer tells HipHollywood exclusively that she would still jump at the chance to work with the producer again. “If he called me, I’d be like, ‘Dre! What? Yes! Oh my God!’ All we can do is put it in the ether and hope it manifest cause you know, when you have chemistry with someone, then it is what it is.”

The claims of abuse were revealed on the reunion show during a discussion about plastic surgery. Michel’le was asked if she had a nose job, and the singer didn’t hold back with her answer. “One of my boyfriends hit me and [made my nose] crooked until I had to straighten it and change it and it cost a lot of money.”

Michel’le claims that one of her baby’s daddy was the abuser, but denied it was Suge Knight, leaving Dr. Dre as the default suspect. “Getting beat was love to me. When I got with Suge- believe it or not–he didn’t really beat me. I asked him ‘why aren’t you beating me? Don’t you love me?”

That ish cray.

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