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Zoe Saldana On Star Trek Into Darkness: “It’s A Spectacle, And I Love It”



Zoe Saldana is back as Uhura for another epic journey in J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster film, Star Trek Into Darkness.

From speaking Klingon to opening a can of whoop a**, audiences will see a new side of Uhura in the franchise’s latest installment, and Zoe couldn’t be more thrilled. “I love to do these action stunts … I think that as a female it’s very important to play roles that showcase different layers to what women can be, and are, in our world today,” Saldana shared in an interview with HipHollywood.

In the film, Uhura’s relationship with Spock (Zachary Quinto) picks up where it left off in the first film, creating an intricate and realistic dynamic between the characters. “This film is set in the future, but it’s still human beings that are guiding the story. Therefore, they are going through situations that are human and that’s what makes it relatable,” the 34-year-old explained.

Check out what else Saldana had to say about STID below:

Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters May 17th.

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