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When you keep your fans waiting for over three hours for a performance they paid for, you might expect them to be a little hostile when you finally do take the stage. That’s the lesson Rihanna learned earlier this week in Boston after she showed up on stage at 10:30 p.m. when doors opened for her concert opened at 7:30 p.m.

Ri’s tardiness was only exacerbated by her opening act, A$AP Rocky, failing to take the stage because of an illness. According to, several fights broke out as people waited for the pop singer to perform at TD Garden.

“The crowd responded the best they could: with a round of boos,” reports. “Even when the house lights went down, the cheers and jeers rose up in unison. That’s not how you want to begin your rescheduled concert.”

And why was Rihanna late you might ask? One publication claims it was because she was busy watching the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls NBA playoff game.

Rihanna didn’t seem to notice the boos, in fact, based on this tweet she sent out the night of her show, it seems like she was completely oblivious:

“BOSTON I will never forget this night!!! I truly have deeper love for you now!!! Thank you for making it extra special!!”

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