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Study: TI, Lil Wayne And Beyonce Have The Dumbest Fans



Lil Wayne fans are really freaking dumb, at least that’s what a recent study determined. The study, titled “Musicthatmakesyoudumb”, was conducted by infamous computer hacker Virgil Griffith using data from Facebook accounts. Griffith looked at profiles from different students at colleges across the US, and then compared their favorite music to the average SAT scores from those institutions.

According to the results, Lil Wayne fans had the lowest SAT scores, averaging 876 out of 1600. Beyonce and TI fans were also listed relatively high on dumbest fans in the world rankings, along with folks who listen to gospel music.

Fans of Kanye West and Outkast tend to be a bit smarter with their fans averaging SAT Scores in the 1000s. But Beethoven fans tend to be the smartest with the composer’s fans averaging scores above 1,300.

You can check out the chart in its entirety below, and just so you know, we like Lil Wayne, Beyonce and TI and we’re sort-of-smart, so BOOM!


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