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Kelly Rowland Opens Up About ‘Dirty Laundry’: It Was A Form Of Therapy



Kelly Rowland aired out her “Dirty Laundry” and now the singer is opening up about the song that created a buzz world wide.

“Dirty Laundry,” a track on Rowland’s upcoming fourth album Talk A Good Game, details Kelly’s envy and resentment towards former Destiny’s Child member, Beyonce. Rowland candidly sings about how she felt about Bey’s success, among other personal struggles.

During a sit down interview with 93.9 WKYS radio, Rowland shares with radio host Kelson that the song was a form of therapy. “And it’s nothing to be ashamed of because you’re supposed to grown and learn from it like I did. It was the place that I was in…I was so young. My head was completely gone,” Kelly explained.

When asked if Beyonce heard the song before it was released, Kelly confirmed that Beyonce not only heard it, but that Bey thought it was endearing. “It was endearing. It was, ‘I never left,’ which was so sweet! Yeah, it was endearing and it was real. She was just like ‘I’m so proud of you,” the 32-year-old said.

Rowland also opened up about her emotional breakdown while singing “Dirty Laundry” in Washington D.C. on Sunday, revealing that she was just wrapped up in the moment.


“I was singing and talking about what happened, and for a moment, it was like that crowd wasn’t even there. And then when the music stopped…I was like ‘You are live Kel. Calm down.’ And I had to calm down, and in the moment, I had to breathe. You get lost…and it’s nothing wrong with getting lost,” the singer shared.

Check out the interview below:

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