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Kanye West’s On Stage Rant: “I Ain’t No Muthafu**in Celebrity”



Another day, another rant. Kanye West complained for nearly four minutes about the distractions of the paparazzi during his New York concert on Wednesday night.

“I don’t want nobody running up on me with no cameras trying to like, sell pictures and sh*t to magazines … asking me no dumb a$$ questions throwing me off of my focus and sh*t. Harass you all muthafu**in day,” Kanye said.

Although unwanted attention comes with celebrity territory, West grumbled about getting too much attention, claiming that he is not a celebrity. “I’m’ a terrible, terrible, terrible celebrity … I ain’t no muthafu**in celebrity,” Kanye continued.

Kanye didn’t specifically refer to last week’s paparazzi incident that ended with a gash to the head, but we are thinking that’s what prompted Kanye’s latest on-stage bluster.

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Check out Kanye’s rant below:

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1 Comment

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