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Kanye West Is Really Rich … And Apparently Hates America For It



Kanye West is angry … and letting out that anger on the “establishment”, despite being very much part of that establishment.

The rapper debuted two new songs over the weekend; the first on Friday night titled, “New Slaves”. Ye projected a video of himself rapping the tune on the sides of buildings in 66 cities, including New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin and Sydney.

On the tune, the emotional rapper complains about the music industry that he willfully went into; the same industry that made him rich enough to wife-up Kim Kardashian, and rap about owning a Lamborghini Countach. The music is vintage Kanye, harkening back to his College Dropout days. That was when Mr. West rapped more about social issues and less about Yves Saint Laurent.

“I throw these Maybach keys / I wear my heart on my sleeve / I know that we the new slaves / I see the blood on the leaves,” West raps on the track. “I see the blood on the leaves / I see the blood on the leaves / I know that we the new slaves / I see the blood on the leaves.”

West also appeared on Saturday Night Live where he debuted “Black Skinhead”. The rapper appeared in front of a screen with the words “not for sale” on it. You can check out that performance below.

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