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Exclusive: Stephen A. Smith Disses Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant



Chances are that you will not be seeing ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith walking around Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the man doesn’t have an opinion on fashion … particularly on who’s the most fashionable man in sports.

When you think of sports and fashion, names like David Beckham and Dwayne Wade come to mind, but one name that Smith says shouldn’t is Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook’s. Asked who he thinks if the best dressed athlete, the animated First Take host joked,” Well, it certainly ain’t Russell Westbrook. I like him, but let’s get that out of the way.”

The Trend on Zappos Couture – a weekly fashion series airing on the Zappos Couture website – caught up with Stephen A. at the New York premiere of Amar’e Stoudemire: In The Moment. The New York Knicks center was in the house for the event, but didn’t get any praises from Smith for his style. “Amar’e, I love him dearly, but he struggles fashion-wise sometimes too. All of his picks are not the greatest,” the outspoken journalist quipped.

Then there’s Smith’s BFF, Kobe Bryant. “Kobe … here’s my problem with Kobe: I could say no, not Kobe, but then he doesn’t hesitate to remind me that he’s been on the cover of GQ twice and that it will probably be a third. Now I submit that I haven’t been on there because I’m just a reporter. If I was a baller, I would have been on there too.”

We’re not sure that’s entirely true, but why rain on the man’s parade? We let our friends at The Trend do that when they asked him who is a better dresser: him or his First Take colleague, Skip Bayless. To see his outrageous response, watch the video below.

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