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Exclusive: Why Protestors Were Hating On Kanye West



Fans of rapper Kanye West were disappointed in San Antonio, Texas after a projection of his single “New Slaves” at the historic Alamo was shut down on Sunday night.

The rapper advertised on his website and through social media that the video would be projected on the walls of the building at around 11:30 P.M. Mark Loeffler, the Communications Director of the Texas General Land Office, tells HipHollywood that nearly 1,000 fans showed up to watch the video.

Kanye’s camp arrived about a half-an-hour after the scheduled time and the San Antonio Police Department quickly turned them away. According to law enforcement officials, the crew never received the proper permits to execute the production.

Alamo 1

Among the fans in attendance were protestors who showed up to picket against West using The Alamo as a backdrop for his video.

Cary Wise, Executive Director of the Texas National Movement tells HipHollywood that the protest “wasn’t about Kanye or his music, it’s the fact that The Alamo, a historic site for the state of Texas and America, is not a venue to project such things. I don’t care what they wanted to project, it’s something the people here in Texas just don’t do or allow.”

Protestors are now calling Kanye “extremely disrespectful,” saying it was “discourteous to the sacred shrine and the culture of the people of Texas.”

Despite that, Wise confirms the move was not a personal attack on the rapper, adding , “It hasn’t changed my opinion of him. I myself have no opinion. I wouldn’t recognize his music if I heard it, I only listen to country.”

So far Kanye has been hush hush on the incident.


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