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Notorious B.I.G.’s Daughter Launches “Notoriouss” Clothing Line



The daughter of rap icon Notorious B.I.G. has launched a clothing line named after her late father and she’s recruited one of her father’s friends to help her market the gear. “Notoriouss Clothing” is a line of t-shirts and hats created by T’yanna Wallace.


Prices for the shirts range from $25-$30, which isn’t exactly H&M cheap, or American Apparel expensive. Our personal favorite is the “2 CHAINZ” shirt which features a print of … well … two chains.

The 19-year-old enlisted one of her pop’s Junior Mafia buddies to rock the gear. Here’s a picture of Lil Cease sporting a sweatshirt and hat. The Notoriouss products can be seen over on T’yanna’s Tumblr. Check it out.


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