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WTH!! George Zimmerman Is SUING Trayvon Martin’s Family?!



George Zimmerman is the scum of the earth! At this point, that’s not opinion, it’s fact — one proven by this recent event. The man responsible for the 2012 death of young, unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, has the audacity to turn around and sue the grieving family. Filth.

Zimmerman has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Martin’s family, a publishing firm, and a law enforcement agency for defamation, conspiracy, and malicious prosecution.

Zimmerman was tried and acquitted of Trayvon’s murder, although he was the one who fatally shot the 17-year-old. Trayvon, who was wearing a hoodie due to rainy weather, was returning from a store run to grab skittles and ice tea. George attacked the teenager claiming he was “suspicious” and ultimately killed him. During the trial, Zimmerman claimed self-defense and got off on Florida’s stand your ground laws.

The killer claims police and prosecutors conspired with Martin’s family to falsely create a narrative that cited what George alleges was false evidence by way of phony testimony. As TMZ reports, “Zimmerman claims the Martin family and prosecutors lied about the true identity of the woman Trayvon was talking to on the phone at the time of the shooting, In his suit, Zimmerman alleges they presented Rachel Jeantel as the witness during the trial, but he claims it was actually Brittany Diamond Eugene on the phone.”

Additionally, following the trial, the Martin family attorney, Ben Crump, wrote a book titled “Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People,” which was published by Harper Collins in October. Both Crump and the publisher are named defendants on the lawsuit, as well.

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