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Will Michael B. Jordan Be The Reason Jamie Foxx Wins Another Oscar?



Are Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx the big screen duo we’ve been waiting for?

Both Michael and Jamie give riveting performances in their new film “Just Mercy”. Jordan steps into the shoes of Bryan Stevenson and channels the attorney’s demeanor, poise and grace under fire.

And Jamie does what Jamie does best — he transforms! As the wrongfully incarcerated Walter McMillan, Foxx gives an emotional performance that shakes viewers to their very core. It may be the best we’ve ever seen him — and that’s saying a lot after seeing his award-winning transformation into Ray Charles. But, it’s the reason why he’s already received the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role. And, it’s reason why folks are already hyping his performance for Oscars buzz.

When we sat down with Foxx and Jordan, we asked both actors about the challenges of tackling their roles and what an award win would mean for this particular film. Michael credited having an extended period of time, about 4-5 years, with being able to sink his teeth into the story. And Jamie praised Michael for giving him the opportunity to play McMillan, saying, “it’s a shared win, if there’s anything because what it does is it just shows more light on this beautiful story.”

“Just Mercy” hits theaters Christmas day.

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