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Quad Webb Slams Rumor She Slept With Rapper Common



Quad Webb is shutting down a rumor before it gets out of control and … one of her Married To Medicine cast mates.

The Sister Circle host and Married To Medicine star recently did an interview and made sure to clear up any rumors regarding her and rap star Common, courtesy of one of her co-stars.

In a recent episode of Married To Medicine, the ladies played a game of “Shag, Marry, Kill” and when Quad was asked who she would marry, Dr. Heavenly interjected and screamed, “Common, b-tch!”

Acting as if her statement was simply a slip of the tongue, Heavenly continued, “She done already f*cked him. I’m sorry, did I get permission to share that?”

The recently divorced reality star quickly corrected Heavenly, but felt the need to elaborate during her exclusive chat with BET.

“Rumors get started when a person wants to think more about the ratings and less about loyalty and friendship, I don’t know why she [Dr. Heavenly] would jeopardize our friendship for entertainment purposes, everything is not a joke.”

Quad wasn’t finished slamming Heavenly for her lil “joke” either.

In the interview, Quad expresses her respect and admiration for Common and his relationship and talks boundaries she draws in her career.

“I don’t know Common, I don’t have his phone number, and we have never shared the same space. I met him once during an interview with Sister’s Circle,” she explains. “This was a very professional setting, and I take my career very seriously. I do not use it as a dating ground.”

She continued, “I am so very disappointed in Heavenly, and I don’t think she realizes the repercussions of making such false statements,” adding, “Common is in a flourishing relationship and he may marry Angela one day. He does not need a terrible rumor like this to ruin their Black Love. I respect Common and Angela Rye as two very intelligent and beautiful people that are doing amazing things for our people.”

Quad ends thing by saying Heavenly was being “inconsiderate” by blurting out that rumor and she’s not here for it!

“Her actions are not the actions of a true friend. What is most hurtful is that we were close for the last 2-3 years and what she did was very lowbrow and inconsiderate. Once again, a Black woman trying to tear down Black women.”

Quad echoed those sentiments about cast mates in general during her sit-down with HipHollywood. Apparently she feels like the ladies have a double standard when it comes to her and are too free with sharing her business, but not their own.

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