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YIKES … Kim Kardashian Accused Of Blackface?!



Well, this is familiar territory … but a bit different.

Kim Kardashian has been called a culture vulture, cultural appropriator and a steez thief for years. At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised by anything she does — but, alas, here we are. And it’s this cover of 7 Hollywood that’s causing all the controversy.

The fashion mag posted this photo which sent commenters into a frenzy complaining that Kim’s skin was way darker than her natural skin tone. Even going as far as to label it blackface.

However, should KK’s make-up be to blame? Lighting? Or maybe it was a filter? Check out the pics Kim posted … you’ll notice the shades are much different, especially the orange-is/reddish arm in the left corner.

There’s also video. In her defense, the video does seem to be more in line with her actual skin color. So, if the video is our barometer, who got the cover wrong? 7 Hollywood or Kimmie’s team?

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