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“Just Mercy” Attorney On Kim K: “We Have A Tendency To Be Distracted By Celebrity”



Attorney Bryan Stevenson and his Equal Justice Initiative have provided legal representation to people who have been illegally convicted, unfairly sentenced, or abused in state jails and prisons for decades. His work has impacted hundreds of lives and, until recently, a lot of his efforts had gone unrecognized by the masses.

In contrast, reality star Kim Kardashian has taken up the cause of criminal justice reform and in the past couple of years has used her platform to help those facing unfair sentences. Almost immediately Kim became the face of prison reform across America. But, is she being unfairly credited for the hard work of others?

That’s the question we felt the need to ask Stevenson during the junket for the film “Just Mercy.” Bryan is the author of the book “Just Mercy” which has now been turned into a film starring Michael B. Jordan (as Bryan Stevenson) and Jamie Foxx (as Walter McMillian, a man sentenced to death row for a crime he didn’t commit). When ask about Kim Kardashian, Stevenson stated that, “We have to do more to acknowledge the day-to-day work.” He also believes that, “we have a tendency, in this country, to be distracted by celebrity.” But, the Harvard trained attorney has faith that, “ultimately … our commitment to justice isn’t going to be judged by how well we treat the rich and the powerful and the privileged. It’s going to be judged by how we treat the poor and the incarcerated and the condemned.”

“Just Mercy” is in theaters Christmas Day.

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