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Ava DuVernay Responds To “When They See Us” Golden Globe Snub



Apparently Ava DuVernay has a lot more restraint than I do. The director shrugged off the Golden Globes’ outrageous snub of her groundbreaking Netflix series “When They See Us.”  She is clearly a much bigger person than I am, because the fact that the series didn’t receive one single nomination is just criminal. Maybe they wouldn’t win, but to get totally shut out…  that’s some bull$&#t!

Bravo, Ava, for having the class and dignity to brush off this ridiculous snub, cause I am struggling. How do you go from 16 Emmy nominations to zero from the Golden Globes? Netflix led the pack with 17 nominations, the most for any network, yet they missed “When They See Us”?

Oh, and where the hell is Jharrel Jerome? According to our friends at nobody on the planet had better odds to receive a nomination for Lead Actor in a Limited Series. NOBODY. He was the favorite to get nominated and, before today, he was the favorite to win. His gut-wrenching portrayal of Korey Wise, one of the Central Park Five, was a performance for the ages. Did the Globes voters miss the screener? Did they let their subscription lapse? Seriously, y’all, I’m confused. Or maybe it was, as one person suggested on social media, “Just too hard to watch.” Which is a real wake-up call to all us cause Ava DuVernay didn’t make this story up.

This one bothers me because this series, like HBO’s “Chernobyl” (which did get nominated), was more than just a TV series. Both were shocking revelations of real-life stories that left us entertained, but also horrified by the insanity of humanity. I gladly pay my Netflix subscription each and every month, just so I can one day show my two young boys the crazy reality of this world we live in. Trust me, when they are old enough to digest it, which will be very soon, “When They See Us” will be required viewing.

Until then, I want to say well done to Ava, Jharrel and the entire cast and crew. We’ll see y’all at the Image Awards, cause that nomination is definitely coming.

Oh, and there is good news…

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