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Yes, Please! Michael B. Jordan In Talks To Play Superman




Superman may get a major does of melanin…  and we’re here for it.

The franchise has been rebooted twice (three times if you count Smallville in the past 15 years) and now there are rumors swirling that yet another rebrand for Clark Kent is on the horizon. Now Henry Cavill is no longer under contract to play Superman in any future films, the spot role is wide open.

Enter Michael B. Jordan.

According to Variety  Jordan met with Warner Bros. in early 2019 to pitch his own vision for Superman, can we say yes please and thank you. However, he apparently isn’t quite ready to commit to taking on the project for a few more years. MBJ is busy after all with quite a few other projects including Without Remorse which he’s currently filming and the Ryan Coogler directed film Wrong Answer.

Insiders estimate that the next Superman installment isn’t likely to hit theaters before 2023. There’s also the small detail of there being no script and no director attached to a potential reboot, which supports the 2023 theory.

DC Films has had a few wins recently, most notably with Joker, which, last week, was confirmed as the first R-rated movie to surpass $1 billion at the box office. There’s also Aquaman and Wonder Woman that did extremely well.

Jordan too has had success playing superhero (adjacent) character Killmonger in Black Panther. He’s also next be seen in the WB film Just Mercy alongside Brie Larsen and Jame Foxx which could garner some Oscar noms.

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