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Mo’Nique Still Big Mad At Netflix — Lawsuit Filed!



It’s been almost two yers since Mo’Nique spazzed on Netflix, calling them racist and gender biased for giving her a low-ball offer for a comedy special. At the time, the “Precious” star asked her fans to boycott the streaming service — that didn’t exactly work out — and now she’s going one step further … a lawsuit!

Remember this…

This is where it all started. Netflix offered Mo $500,000 for a comedy special, but just months earlier Amy Schumer pulled in $13 million, while both Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle scored $20 mil. Netflix tried to tell the actress it was because of their ability to sell out shows and theaters, to which Mo reminded them of her Oscar-winning status. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter — Netflix wouldn’t budge from the number and Mo called for a boycott.

Fast-forward to now. Mo’Nique is still claiming the streaming service is dead wrong and has filed a lawsuit accusing them of race and gender-based discrimination. Her proof? Outside of her own dealings with the SVOD (streaming video on-demand), she claims, according to TMZ, “one Netflix exec. — the Chief Communications Officer — used the n-word in a meeting with 60 people in 2018.” However, Mo wasn’t present for that meeting.

She also claims that Netflix let Kevin Spacey say the n-word of the set of “House of Cards” with no repercussions. And, on the gender-bias front, Mo says Netflix paid the female lead actress on “The Crown” far less than her male counterparts.

Mo’Nique is suing Netflix for unspecified damages, and for an injunction forcing the company to change its discriminatory policies.

Netflix has responded stating, “We care deeply about inclusion, equity, and diversity and take any accusations of discrimination very seriously. We believe our opening offer to Mo’Nique was fair — which is why we will be fighting this lawsuit.”

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