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Kanye West Is Fr Fr Running For President



This isn’t the first time Kanye West has said he’s running for president — in fact, he’s been saying it for years. But, this is the first time (well, second) he’s firmly selected a date (remember when he was going to run in 2020?!). Get ready for the Yeezy ticket 2024!

Mr. West made this most recent revelation while at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York City. The “Jesus is King” rapper, seated next to Yeezy designer Steven Smith, began to talk about his bold plans for his impressive shoe company and started off by saying, “when I run for president in 2024…”. The crowd laughed, ‘Ye did not. He continued saying, “we will have created so many jobs, I’m not gonna run [for President], I’mma walk.”

Oh, but that’s not all. Although his Yeezy brand has been estimated at about a billion dollars, Forbes has been reluctant to bestow that title upon him (unlike his much younger sister-in-law Kylie). However, West has a plan to change that as well … just by changing his name. To what, you ask? Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West.

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