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Irv Gotti Oddly Defends Ashanti Against Homewrecking Claims



Irv Gotti is adamant that Ashanti is no homewrecker … even though he admits they did hook-up while he was still married.

No, it’s not the early 2000s, but today’s news sure feels like it is. Gotti is making the rounds, and defending Ashanti’s name, after it was revealed on “Growing Up Hip-Hop” that the two Murder Inc. mates dated before his divorce from wife Deb was final. In a clip from the show, Irv explains that although a reunion tour for the label is in the works, he’s not too keen on inviting Ashanti because of their bad blood.

However, while visiting the Wendy Williams show, Gotti was adamant that dating while married, but separated, is ok and Ashanti shouldn’t be called a homewrecker because of it.

So, if she’s no homewrecker, why do they have beef? Apparently, not because when Irv was going through his court cases, Ashanti was a no show. Hmmmm, do side-chicks make court appearances?

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