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Drake Booed Off Stage … WTH Went Wrong?



Drake is arguably one of the biggest rappers in the world — but even he can get booed out of a building.

It all started at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival on Sunday in Los Angeles. Rumors were swirling that Frank Ocean was set to hit the stage at the indie-music lover event. However, it was the very mainstream, very popular Champagne Papi (aka Drake) who showed up to perform for the crowd. To say they were shocked would be a grave understatement.

Boos ensued and crowd goers began chanting for Frank, however, Drizzy handle the situation with grace and class — thanking the crowd and peacefully bowing out. Now, Tyler the Creator, on the other hand, let his fans have a piece of his mind calling them rude a**holes for treating his friend like that. In a serious of tweets the Creator chastised the crowd.

Don’t worry about Drake though, we’re sure he’ll be alright.

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