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Anderson.Paak Checks GoldLink Over “Disrespectful, Narcissistic” Mac Miller Post



Who re-ignites beef with a dead guy? Goldlink, that’s who. And who swoops in to save the day? Anderson.Paak, that’s who.

Since Mac Miller’s death last year there have been hundreds of heartfelt tributes in honor of the young rapper’s memory — GoldLink’s “tribute” wasn’t that. Instead, the “Crew” rapper posted more of a frenemies recounting of a relationship with various ebbs and flows. More specifically, GL’s post accused Mac of biting Goldlink’s styles, copying his album, and ignoring him out of embarrassment.


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Mac Miller I’d be lying if I said I was surprised to hear that you died on us. Not because you were necessarily troubled, but because you were special and because of that, you were troubled. At your peak, you were the archetypal rapper all of us wanted to be; which was independent. But also just a kid with really bright eyes about life. I’ll keep it short because I want to continue our conversation for when it’s my time to go. But I think what made you and I special is that we weren’t always on the best terms. So I didn’t always have great things to say about you. When we were on the GO:OD AM tour, I played you my album “and after that we didn’t talk”, and you thought it was absolutely incredible. I released it under the“Soulection” label and the single for my album was called “Unique” ft. Anderson Paak, and that was your favorite song at the time. You loved it so much that you made the entire tour party listen to it, and surprised me with a cake after my set. I always thought you drove yourself insane about your own music. So much that, you would adopt styles as homage to those around you that you loved. That’s where our problem started. Divine Feminine was an actual blueprint of “and after that we didn’t talk”. Your single was called “Dang!” Ft. Anderson Paak…you had Souelction support you on the Divine Feminine tour and when I tried to contact you, about anything at all…you never hit me. A close mutual friend ended up just hittin’ my DJ saying “listen man, we love Link, but we just had to do what we had to do. And Mac said if he needs a verse at anytime, he got him” We are family, you could always call me. Afterwards, we seen each other at Coachella, and you put your head down like an innocent child, but I told you to pick it up and I hugged you like the brother you are to me. You were the first person brave enough to openly say “he’s dope.”, and gave me a platform. That meant more to me than anything else. 3 days before you died, I remember pullin up on you at the crib, walking in the house and seeing the Divine Feminine album plaque on the wall. I was so proud of you and what YOU created for yourself. And I’m forever grateful for that

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Again, Miller died in 2018, so why is GoldLink posting this now? Only God knows. With statements like, “I’d be lying if I said I was surprised to hear that you died on us,” and “I think what made you and I special is that we weren’t always on the best terms. So I didn’t always have great things to say about you,” it’s not hard to see why MM’s fans are outraged. Moreover, GL’s repeated references to Anderson.Paak and alluding that Miller only did a song with him because GoldLink did was more than enough reason for the “Bubblin” singer to check GL in his tracks.

Calling it a “disrespectful, narcissistic, jealous grossly unnecessary post,” Paak laid into Link via IG. Anderson went on to call out Gold for trying to allude to Mac biting his style saying, “You ain’t the first to make an album inspired by a relationship, you ain’t the first to make a song featuring Anderson.Pakk, but you are the first to disrespect my friend who is no longer here for absolutely no reason and I can’t stand for that.”

Thank God for Anderson.Paak.

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