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Why You Won’t See Samuel L. Jackson In ‘Coming To America’ Sequel



The cast for Coming 2 America has been announced and errybody from the first film is back for the sequel except for one big name. As previously reported, Samuel L. Jackson will not be returning for the sequel but that’s not because they didn’t want him to.

Eddie Murphy told HipHollywood exclusively that Jackson couldn’t be apart of the project he’s simply too busy working.

“Sam Jackson as you know  is constantly working,” Murphy said with a grin. Sam is working on something right this second.”

If you recall Sam was the foul-mouthed stick-up king who frequently robbed McDowell’s until he was hilariously taken down by Prince Akeem (Murphy)  and Semmi (Arsenio Hall). Murphy said the plan was to have him back to rob McDowell’s once again.

“That was actually the scene, where there was an old McDowell’s and he was still robbing the spot 30 years later,” he said with big smile. “We couldn’t get the schedules to line up.”

It no doubt would have been a full circle moment for the veteran actor. According to Murphy, Coming To America was Jackson’s first film, and he even went on to work with director Craig Brewer some years later in Black Snake Moan.

But while you won’t see Jackson you will get a whole lot of Wesley Snipes. Snipes will star as General Izzi in the comedy sequel and told us all about his hilarious character.

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