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Quad Webb Opens Up About Her Fibroid Surgery & Choosing Against A Hysterectomy



Quad Webb has had a roller coaster of a year. Aside from going through a public divorce from husband of six years – Dr. Greg Lunceford, the Married To Medicine star was also privately dealing with a health challenge. Earlier this year Webb was told by her gynecologist that she suffered from uterine fibrosis.

“It was scary for me. When I first learned of that information, I cried,” the Sister Circle co-host shared. ” I sat right there in the doctors office and I cried and so much just began to go through my mind.”

Like most women, Webb was initially given the option to get a myomectomy or even worse a hysterectomy to rid her of her 10 fibroids. She decided to do some research on her own to see if there were other options available.

“I called up to Chicago, I have a really good friend who is an OB-GYN there,” she recalled. “He said you really need to look into Acessa. I learned more about Acessa, learned that I  wouldn’t be down for six weeks … there was little to no incision.”

According to University Of Chicago Medicine Acessa is a non-invasive outpatient procedure that thermally dehydrates the fibroid in the uterus, essentially shrinking it in size so the body can gradually reabsorb it.

Back in March, Webb had the procedure done in Atlanta and says she is so happy with the results.

“I feel like women we need to be more vocal when we are going to see our physicians, you need to be more assertive and we need to demand that they listen,” she proclaimed. “You don”t need to go with what they are pushing.”

“I cannot stress this enough,” she added. “I really want people to just take a moment and just do the research and actually look up Acessa.”

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