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How Sway?! Driver In Kevin Hart Car Crash Could Sue Him



Some interesting news is being reported regarding Kevin Hart’s recent car crash. According to TMZ the driver of the vehicle, Jared Black has lawyered up and could slap Hart with a lawsuit. Yep you read that tight.

Despite the fact that Black was the driver and CHP determined he caused the crash by driving recklessly, he could sue Hart for not having the proper safety harnesses in the car. But here’s the gag … if he does sue, there’s a problem, because no one in the car was even wearing their safety belt. So, even if there were harnesses, it wouldn’t have done anyone any good if no one strapped in.

It’s not 100 clear if Black will in fact file but only time will tell. As previously reported he too sustained some major injuries and had to be airlifted to UCLA Medical Center following the crash.

Meanwhile Hart is out of the hospital and reportedly has decided not to sue Black. Sources close to the comedian say he’s not going to take Black to court despite the fact that he nearly killed him.  In fact he’s not even going to file a claim with Jared’s insurance company to cover his medical bills and the cost of the 1970 Plymouth Baraccuda, which was totaled in the single-car crash. Apparently Hart really likes Black and his wife Rebecca (who was also in the vehicle) is Hart’s wife Eniko’s personal trainer. 

Kevin will ultimately use his personal health insurance to cover medical costs. So far he’s had 3 fractures on his back and is undergoing intensive physical therapy.

There’s still a long way to go before the statute of limitations runs out so Kevin has plenty of time to change his mind though about suing.

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