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Gina Rodriguez: Second Apology Better Than The First?



In case you missed it, Gina Rodriguez said the n-word. Actually, it was more like she rapped the n-word. While, giving her best rendition of Fugees’ “Ready or Not,” the Jane the Virgin star got to the line, “Believe me, fronting ni**as give me heebie-jeebies,” and proceeded to say. every. word.

Of course, Twitter lit her a** up.

And, of course, she apologized. But, instantly folks realized her apology was about as bad as her offense.

So, she needed a re-do. Enter apology part 2.


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Actress #GinaRodriguez apologizes after she posted herself singing the N-word on IG #SwipeLeft

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In Gina’s defensive, there are people pointing out the hypocrisy in her not being able to say the n-word, while folks like Cardi B and Fat Joe use it often in their rap lyrics.

Do you think there’s a difference?

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